NubaCare™ | Back Stretcher & Massager

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NubaCare™ | Back Stretcher & Massager

Product Description


    EASY TO USE : NubaCare™ Back Stretcher is effortless to use. Simply place the back stretcher on the floor and then lay over it. You can feel instantaneous relief because of how it extends your spine and relieves the stress and strain on your back caused by driving, prolonged sitting, or other. 

    RELIEVE BACK PAIN & CORRECT POSTURE : Daily activities like sitting all day, extended use of the computer, or other physical activities can lead to posture imbalances or problems with the spine. However, with regular use of back stretchers, these activities' harmful effects can be prevented and reduced, improving your overall health. 

    MULTI-LEVEL DESIGN : Designed with 3 different stretching arches. This feature will allow you to adjust your stretch's intensity, depending on your comfort level and experience. You can start with a lower-intensity stretch and slowly work to achieve deeper times.

    PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT : Very convenient to carry anywhere you need it. It can be easily moved around and stored due to its lightweight material and compact design. You will not have a problem bringing it when you're traveling or putting it away when not in use. 


    When do you use this tool? 

    • If your spine is not balanced, you will inevitably have problems in your back, your neck, your shoulders, and even your joints.
    • When your back has been hurting all day.
    • Coming home from a long day of work and cracking your back.


    How do you install the tool?

    1. Use your knees against the bottom and press the shelf alignment slot with both hands.

    2. Finger pressure on the lumber panel adjustment gently slides into the appropriate gear.



    Let the spinal return to the natural lines, help stabilize the spinal column and improve the flexibility of muscles.


    Our back stretcher has been shown to improve your back or your money back guaranteed.